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Table 1

List of Dactylogyrus spp., their host species, country of collection, and GenBank accession number for 28S sequences used for phylogenetic reconstruction. Newly generated sequences are given in bold.

Dactylogyrus species Host species Country of collection Accession number
Ancyrocephalus percae Perca fluviatilis Germany KF499080
Dactylogyrus achmerowi Cyprinus carpio Iran MF979966
Dactylogyrus affinis Barbus cyri Iran MZ031054
Dactylogyrus anchoratus Carassius gibelio Croatia KY863555
Dactylogyrus andalousiensis Luciobarbus comizo Spain MN338207
Dactylogyrus atlasensis Luciobarbus pallaryi Morocco KY629356
Dactylogyrus balistae Luciobarbus bocageii Portugal MN338205
Dactylogyrus balkanicus Barbus tyberinus Italy MN973809
Dactylogyrus barbuli Luciobarbus xanthopterus Iraq MZ031063
Dactylogyrus benhoussai Luciobarbus yahyahouii Morocco MN973815
Dactylogyrus bocageii Luciobarbus bocageii Portugal KY629347
Dactylogyrus borjensis Luciobarbus yahyahouii Morocco MN973819
Dactylogyrus brevicirrus Labeo parvus Senegal KY629362
Dactylogyrus carassobarbi Carassobarbus luteus Iraq MZ031060
Dactylogyrus carpathicus Barbus tyberinus Italy MN973810
Dactylogyrus crivellius Barbus tyberinus Italy MK434949
Dactylogyrus doadrioi Luciobarbus guiraonis Spain KY629346
Dactylogyrus draaensis Luciobarbus lepineyi Morocco MN973816
Dactylogyrus dyki Barbus balcanicus Greece MG792970
Dactylogyrus extensus Cyprinus carpio China AY553629
Dactylogyrus falciformis Cyprinus carpio Czech Republic MZ031061
Dactylogyrus falcilocus Labeo coubie Senegal KY629365
Dactylogyrus falsiphallus Luciobarbus maghrebensis Morocco KX578024
Dactylogyrus fimbriphallus Luciobarbus lepineyi Morocco KY629357
Dactylogyrus formosus Carassius gibelio Croatia MG792984
Dactylogyrus goktschaicus Barbus cyri Iran MZ031055
Dactylogyrus gracilis Capoeta buhsei Iran MZ031056
Dactylogyrus guadianensis Luciobarbus comizo Spain MN338209
Dactylogyrus inexpectatus Carassius auratus Czech Republic AJ969945
Dactylogyrus ksibii Luciobarbus ksibii Morocco MN973811
Dactylogyrus kulindri Carassobarbus fritschii Morocco KY629354
Dactylogyrus kulwieci Luciobarbus xanthopterus Iraq MZ031064
Dactylogyrus labei Catla catla India JX566720
Dactylogyrus lampam Barbonymus schwanenfeldii Thailand OR077123
Dactylogyrus legionensis Luciobarbus graellsi Spain MN338210
Dactylogyrus lenkorani Capoeta buhsei Iran MZ031057
Dactylogyrus lenkoranoides Barbus haasi Spain MN338202
Dactylogyrus leonis Labeo coubie Senegal KY629360
Dactylogyrus linstowi Luciobarbus capito Iran MZ031062
Dactylogyrus malleus Barbus barbus Czech Republic KY201112
Dactylogyrus marocanus Carassobarbus fritschii Morocco KY629355
Dactylogyrus mascomai Luciobarbus bocageii Spain MN338206
Dactylogyrus matlopong Labeobarbus aenus South Africa ON391043
Dactylogyrus oligospirophallus Labeo coubie Senegal KY629361
Dactylogyrus omenti Aulopyge huegelii Bosnia and Herzegovina KY201105
Dactylogyrus petenyi Barbus balcanicus Greece KY201113
Dactylogyrus prespensis Barbus prespensis Greece KY201110
Dactylogyrus pulcher Capoeta razii Iran MZ031058
Dactylogyrus quangfami Cirrhinus molitorella China EF100536
Dactylogyrus remi Luciobarbus graecus Greece KY201115
Dactylogyrus romuli Luaciobarbus albanicus Greece KY201114
Dactylogyrus scorpius Luciobarbus rifensis Morocco KX553860
Dactylogyrus senegalensis Labeo senegalensis Senegal KY629363
Dactylogyrus sp. Sikukia flavicaudata China MH790264
Dactylogyrus tapienensis Barbonymus schwanenfeldii Thailand OR077124
Dactylogyrus titus Labeo senegalensis Senegal KY629364
Dactylogyrus varius Luciobarbus massaensis Morocco MN973814
Dactylogyrus vastator Carassius gibelio Croatia MZ031059
Dactylogyrus viticulus Barbonymus schwanenfeldii Thailand OR077125
Dactylogyrus volutus Carassobarbus fritschii Morocco KY629353
Dactylogyrus zatensis Carassobarbus fritschii Morocco KY629352

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