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Table 3

Molecular identification of snail hosts.

Reference snails Identification of snails Genbank accession numbers obtained in the present study (in red) and homologies with those extracted from Genbank (in black). In grey, no molecular identification.
16S Cox1
DRFO1 Radix sp.
DRLF1 Lymnea stagnalis
DRLF3 Lymnea stagnalis
DRLF4 Lymnea stagnalis
ZELF1 Radix auricularia KM168747 99% with KP098540 MK124575 no homology
ZELF2 Radix sp.
ZELF3 Radix auricularia KM168747 99% with KP098540
JOLF1 Stagnicola palustris KM168749 99% with HQ659900 MK124565 no homology
JOLF2 Stagnicola palustris KM168750 99% with HQ659900 MK124566 no homology
DCLF42 Planorbis planorbis MK124571 99% with JQ776562
DCLF48 Planorbis sp.
DCLF86 Planorbis planorbis KM168751 99% with JQ776562
DCLF43 Stagnicola palustris KM168752 99% with HQ659900 MK124567 no homology
DCLF88 Stagnicola palustris KM168753 99% with HQ659900 MK124568 no homology
DCLF89 Stagnicola palustris KM168754 99% with HQ659900 MK124569 no homology
DCLF90 Stagnicola sp.
DCLF91 Stagnicola palustris KM168755 99% with HQ659900 MK124570 no homology
DCLF83 Planorbis planorbis KM168756 99% with JQ776589 MK124573 99% with JQ776562
DCLF96 Planorbis planorbis KM168757 99% with JQ776589
DCLF37 Planorbis sp.
DCLF39 Planorbis sp.
DCLF40 Planorbis sp.
DCLF41 Planorbis sp. KM168758 97% with JQ776589
DCLF44 Planorbis sp.
DCLF45 Planorbis planorbis KM168759 99% with JQ776588
DCLF53 Planorbis sp.
DCLF54 Planorbis planorbis KM168760 99% with JQ776588
DCLF57 Planorbis planorbis KM168761 99% with JQ776588
DCLF59 Planorbis planorbis KM168762 99% with JQ776588
DCLF61 Planorbis planorbis KM168763 99% with JQ776588
DCLF64 Planorbis planorbis KM168764 99% with JQ776588
DCLF68 Planorbis sp.
DCLF71 Planorbis sp.
DCLF72 Planorbis planorbis KM168765 99% with JQ776587 MK124572 99% with JQ776562
DCLF73 Anisus sp. KM168766 no homology
DCLF74 Anisus sp. KM168767 98% with AY577477
DCLF75 Planorbis planorbis KM168768 99% with JQ776588
DCLF76 Planorbis sp.  
DCLF77 Anisus sp. KM168769 no homology
DCLF78 Planorbis planorbis KM168770 99% with JQ776587
DCLF80 Planorbis sp. KM168771 98% with JQ776589
DCLF82 Planorbis planorbis KM168772 99% with AY577476
DCLF92 Planorbis planorbis KM168773 99% with JQ776587
DCLF93 Planorbis sp.
DCLF94 Planorbis sp.
DCLF95 Planorbis sp.
DCLF97 Planorbis sp.
DCLF98 Planorbis sp.
DCLF99 Planorbis sp.
DCLF100 Planorbis sp.
DCLF101 Planorbis sp.
DCLF102 Planorbis sp.
DCLF103 Planorbis planorbis KM168774 99% with JQ776587
DCEC16 Planorbis planorbis KM168775 99% with JQ776589
DCEC26 Planorbis planorbis KM168776 99% with JQ776587
JOEC1 Stagnicola sp.  
JOEC2 Stagnicola palustris KM168777 99% with HQ659900
JOEC3 Stagnicola palustris KM168778 99% with HQ659900
DREC1 Radix balthica KM168779 99% with KP098541 MK124574 no homology
DREC2 Radix sp.
DRXI2 Lymnea stagnalis
DRXI3 Lymnea stagnalis

FO: ocellated pigmented furcocercariae, LF: furcocercariae with or not eyes spots, EC: cercariae of Echinostomidae, XI: Xiphidiocercariae, DR: Der-Chantecocq lake, DC: National Domain of Chambord, ZE: Zebulle Park Chevenon, JO: Jouaignes.

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