Professor Stéphane Picot, new Associate Editor of Parasite (May 2017)

At its annual congress in Toulouse, March 2017, the French Society of Parasitology appointed Professor Stéphane Picot as Associate Editor for Parasite.

Professor Stéphane Picot, MD, PhD is the founding Director of the Malaria Research Unit at the Institute of Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry and Biochemistry (ICBMS) and Chair of the Department of Parasitology and Medical Mycology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lyon, France.

He was Co-editor of the “International Journal of Infectious Diseases” and is currently Academic Editor of “Microbial Cell”. Professor Picot is President of the scientific committee of the French National Reference Centre for Malaria, cofounder and past President of the Consortium against Parasites and Fungi (CAPF), and President of the French committee for the International Congress of Tropical Medicine and Malaria, to be held in Lyon, France in September 2024.

His main areas of interest are malaria and tropical medicine, drug development and regulated cell death. Professor Picot is enthusiastic to be Associate Editor for Parasite, a role in which he will mainly deal with papers in the medical field.

Professor Jean-Lou Justine, Editor-in-Chief, commented: “I am very happy that Stéphane accepted my invitation to be an Associate Editor. Since the start of 2017, we have received more and more manuscripts every week and with the forthcoming increase of the Impact Factor of Parasite, this trend is certainly going to continue. Stéphane will make use of his extensive experience to edit papers in medical parasitology.”