A review of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in North Africa, by Karim Aoun and Aida Bouratbine (Institut Pasteur, Tunis, Tunisia)

Geographical distribution of cutaneous leishmaniasis cases due to L. infantum, L. major, and L. tropica in North African countries.

In North African countries, cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission has been increasing since the 80s, with a significant increase in the incidence of cases and a spread of the geographical distribution. Cutaneous leishmaniasis currently represents a major public health problem with a productivity gap and an impediment for development, which results in dramatic socioeconomic and psycho-sanitary impacts. The review includes a map of the occurrence of the three Leishmania species involved in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.


The review is in English with English, French and Arabic abstracts. As Parasite is an open-access journal under a Creative Commons licence, the text and the figures can be freely re-used, provided that the source is correctly cited.

Open Access

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in North Africa: a review
Karim Aoun and Aïda Bouratbine
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/parasite/2014014