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Table 1

List of diplozoid species used in phylogenetic analyses, their fish host species, country of collection and GenBank accession numbers for DNA sequences.

Parasite species Host species Fish family, subfamily Locality Accession number Reference
Diplozoon bliccae Reichenbach-Klinke, 1961 Blicca bjoerkna Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae France AF369761 [46]
D. kashmirensis Kaw, 1950 N/A India MF460994
D. paradoxum von Nordmann, 1832 Abramis brama Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Czech Republic AJ563372 [30]
Eudiplozoon kamegaii Nishihira & Urabe, 2020 Cyprinus carpio Cyprinidae, Cyprininae Japan LC517172 [37]
E. nipponicum (Goto, 1891) Khotenovsky, 1984 Cyprinus carpio Cyprinidae, Cyprininae France AF369758 [46]
Inustiatus aristichthysi (Ling, 1973) Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1989 Hypophthalmichthys nobilis Xenocyprididae China DQ098894 [15]
I. inustiatus (Nagibina, 1965) Khotenovsky, 1978 Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Xenocyprididae China DQ098893 [15]
P. homoion (Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1959) Khotenovsky, 1985 Rutilus rutilus Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae China KP340972
P. skrjabini (Akhmerov, 1974) Khotenovsky, 1985 Leuciscus baicalensis Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae China KP340974
P. skrjabini (Akhmerov, 1974) Khotenovsky, 1985 Phoxinus oxycephalus Leuciscidae, Phoxininae Japan LC050525 [45]
P. bliccae (Reichenbach-Klinke, 1961) Blicca bjoerkna Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Czech Republic AJ300712 [31]
P. moroccoensis Koubková, Benovics & Šimková, 2021 Luciobarbus lepineyi Cyprinidae, Barbinae Morocco MT417734 [6]
P. diplophyllorchidis (Jiang, et al., 1985) Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1989 Zacco platypus Xenocyprididae China DQ098891 [15]
P. hemiculteri (Ling, 1973) Khotenovsky, 1985 Hemiculter leucisculus Xenocyprididae China KY124645 [21]
P. helleni Koubková, Benovics & Šimková, 2021 Tropidophoxinellus hellenicus Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Greece MT417730 [6]
P. ibericus Koubková, Benovics & Šimková, 2021 Squalius valentinus Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Spain MT417723 [6]
P. ichthyoxanthon Avenant-Oldewage, le Roux, Mashego & van Vuuren, 2013 Labeobarbus aeneus Cyprinidae, Torinae South Africa HF566124 [3]
P. jiangxiense (Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1985) Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1989 Chanodichthys erythropterus Xenocyprididae China DQ098885 [15]
P. krugerense Dos Santos & Avenant-Oldewage, 2016 Labeo rosae Cyprinidae, Labeoninae South Africa LT574865 [11]
P. megalobramae Khotenovsky, 1982 Megalobrama terminalis Xenocyprididae China ON907643 Present study
P. megan (Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1959) Achmerov, 1974 Squalius cephalus Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Czech Republic AJ300711 [31]
P. nagibinae (Gläser, 1965) Khotenovsky, 1985 Ballerus ballerus Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Czech Republic AJ563371 [30]
P. opsariichthydis (Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1984) Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1989 Opsariichthys bidens Xenocyprididae China MH794188 [22]
P. parabramisi (Ling, 1973) Khotenovsky, 1985 Parabramis pekinensis Xenocyprididae China DQ098889 [15]
P. pavlovskii (Bychowsky & Nagibina, 1959) Khotenovsky, 1985 Leuciscus aspius Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Czech Republic AJ300714 [31]
P. sapae (Reichenbach-Klinke, 1961) Blicca bjoerkna Leuciscidae, Leuciscinae Czech Republic AJ300713 [31]
P. saurogobionis (Jiang, et al., 1985) Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1989 Squalidus argentatus Gobionidae China ON907644 Present study
P. vaalense Dos Santos, Jansen van Vuuren & Avenant-Oldewage, 2015 Labeo umbratus Cyprinidae, Labeoninae South Africa HG423142 [12]
P. yarkandense Arken et al., 2021 Schizothorax eurystomus Cyprinidae, Schizothoracinae China MN892630 [2]
P. yunnanense Fan et al., 2018 Sikukia gudgeri Cyprinidae, Cyprininae China KT781100 [13]
Sindiplozoon coreius Cao et al., 2021 Coreius guichenoti Gobionidae China MW992745 [8]
S. ctenopharyngodoni (Ling, 1973) Jiang, Wu & Wang, 1989 Ctenopharyngodon idella Xenocyprididae China DQ098898 [15]
S. hunanensis Yao & Wang, 1997 Squaliobarbus curriculus Xenocyprididae China ON907645 Present study
Sindiplozoon sp. Xenocypris davidi Xenocyprididae China ON907646 Present study
Paradiplozoon barbi (Reichenbach-Klinke, 1951) Khotenovsky, 1985 N/A N/A MN688771
P. bingolensis Civáňová, Koyun & Koubková, 2013 Garra rufa Cyprinidae, Labeoninae Turkey HE653910 [10]
Paradiplozoon cirrhini n. sp. Cirrhinus molitorella Cyprinidae, Labeoninae China ON907642 Present study
OQ429337 Present study
OQ429338 Present study

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