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Table 1

List of parasite taxa and their respective host species, country of origin and GenBank accession numbers of the markers used to infer the phylogeny. Taxa marked with * were not included in the phylogeny of Héritier et al. [22]. Taxa marked with ** were renamed since the publication of Héritier et al. [22] by Fan et al. 2020 [20], Du Preez and Verneau 2020 [18], Chaabane et al. 2019 [15], Tinsley and Tinsley (2016) [49], Du Preez et al. (2022) [17] and Chaabane et al. (2022) [14], with original names in brackets. In these cases, the GenBank accession numbers correspond to original names.

GenBank Accession numbers
Species Host species Country of origin Infestation site 12S rDNA 18S rDNA 28S rDNA Cox1 mtDNA
Apaloneotrema moleri * Apalone ferox USA Conjunctival sacs MW029418.1 MW029406.1 MW029412.1 MW029424.1
Aussietrema spratti (Neopolystoma spratti **) Chelodina longicollis Australia Conjunctival sacs KR856105.1 AJ228788.1 FM992702.1 Z83007.1
Concinnocotyla australensis Neoceratodus forsteri Australia Gills and Skin AM157183.1 AM157197.1
Diplorchis ranae Glandirana rugosa Japan Urinary bladder KR856070.1 AM157184.1 AM157198.1 JF699304.1
Diplorchis shilinensis Babina pleuraden China Urinary bladder KR856071.1 KR856123.1 KR856141.1 KR856162.1
Eupolystoma alluaudi Bufo sp. Togo Urinary bladder KR856072.1 AM051066.1 AM157199.1 FR667558.1
Eupolystoma vanasi Schismaderma carens South Africa Urinary bladder KR856073.1 AM157185.1 AM157200.1 FR667559.1
Fornixtrema elizabethae * Trachemys scripta elegans USA Conjunctival sacs MW029414.1 MW029402.1 MW029408.1 MW029420.1
Fornixtrema fentoni (Neopolystoma sp. [R.p.] **) Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima Costa Rica Conjunctival sacs KR856110.1 KR856134.1 KR856153.1 FR822555.1
Fornixtrema guianensis * (Neopolystoma guianensis **) Rhinoclemmys punctularia French Guiana Conjunctival sacs KY200992.1 KY200987.1 KY200989.1 KY200995.1
Fornixtrema liewi (Neopolystoma liewi **) Cuora amboinensis Malaysia Conjunctival sacs KR856102.1 KR856128.1 KR856147.1 FR822530.1
Fornixtrema palpebrae (Neopolystoma palpebrae **) Pelodiscus sinensis Vietnam Conjunctival sacs KR856104.1 FM992696.1 AF382065.1 FR822601.1
Fornixtrema scorpioides * (Neopolystoma scorpioides **) Kinosternon scorpioides French Guiana Conjunctival sacs KY200993.1 KY200990.1 KY200996.1
Fornixtrema sp. [C.s.] (Neopolystoma sp. [C.s.] **) Chelydra serpentina USA Conjunctival sacs KR856107.1 KR856131.1 KR856150.1 FR822529.1
Fornixtrema sp. [G.p.] (Neopolystoma sp. [G.p.] **) Graptemys pseudogeographica USA Conjunctival sacs KR856108.1 KR856132.1 KR856151.1 FR822553.1
Indopolystoma elongatum (Polystoma sp. [R.a.] **) Rhacophorus arboreus Japan Urinary bladder KR856094.1 AM157190.1 AM157213.1 KR856170.1
Indopolystoma indicum (Polystoma indicum **) Rhacophorus maximus India Urinary bladder KR856085.1 AM157193.1 AM157216.1 JF699303.1
Indopolystoma parvum (Polystoma sp. [R.o.] **) Rhacophorus omeimontis China Urinary bladder KR856093.1 AM157189.1 AM157212.1 KR856169.1
Indopolystoma viridi (Polystoma sp. [R.v.] **) Rhacophorus viridis Japan Urinary bladder KR856095.1 AM157191.1 AM157214.1 KR856171.1
Kankana manampoka Platypelis pollicaris Madagascar Urinary bladder KR856074.1 HM854292.1 HM854293.1 JF699307.1
Madapolystoma cryptica * Guibemantis liber Madagascar Urinary bladder JN800278.1 JN015518.1
Madapolystoma ramilijaonae * Guibemantis liber Madagascar Urinary bladder JN800273.1 JN015525.1
Madapolystoma sp. [B.w] Blommersia wittei Madagascar Urinary bladder KR856075.1 FM897290.1 FM897273.1 JF699308.1
Metapolystoma brygoonis * Ptychadena mascareniensis Madagascar Urinary bladder FM897287.1 FM897270.1 JN800284.1
Metapolystoma cachani Ptychadena longirostris Nigeria Urinary bladder KR856076.1 FM897280.1 FM897262.1 JN800294.1
Nanopolystoma tinsleyi Typhlonectes compressicauda French Guiana Urinary bladder KR856077.1 KR856124.1 KR856142.1 KR856164.1
Neodiplorchis scaphiopi Spea bombifrons USA Urinary bladder KR856078.1 AM051067.1 AM157201.1 KR856165.1
Oculotrema hippopotami Hippopotamus amphibius South Africa Conjunctival sacs KR856120.1 KR856140.1 KR856159.1 KR856178.1
Parapolystoma bulliense Litoria gracilenta Australia Urinary bladder KR856079.1 AM157186.1 AM157202.1 KR856166.1
Pleurodirotrema chelodinae (Neopolystoma chelodinae **) Chelodina longicollis Australia Urinary bladder KR856100.1 KR856126.1 KR856145.1 Z83005.1
Polystoma australis * Semnodactylus wealii South Africa Urinary bladder AJ297771.1 AM913872.1 AM913854.1
Polystoma claudecombesi * Rana angolensis South Africa Urinary bladder FM897281.1 FM897263.1
Polystoma cuvieri Physalaemus cuvieri Paraguay Urinary bladder KR856080.1 AM051068.1 AM157203.1 AM913862.1
Polystoma dawiekoki Ptychadena anchietae South Africa Urinary bladder KR856081.1 AM051069.1 AM157204.1 AM913857.1
Polystoma floridana Hyla cinerea USA Urinary bladder KR856083.1 AM157188.1 AM157211.1 AM913870.1
Polystoma gallieni Hyla meridionalis France Urinary bladder KR856084.1 AM051070.1 AM157205.1 JF699305.1
Polystoma integerrimum Rana temporaria France Urinary bladder KR856086.1 AM051071.1 AM157206.1 JF699306.1
Polystoma lopezromani Trachycephalus venulosus Paraguay Urinary bladder KR856087.1 AM051072.1 AM157207.1 AM913863.1
Polystoma luohetong (Polystoma dianxiensis **) Rana chaochiaoensis China Urinary bladder KR856082.1 KR856125.1 KR856143.1 KR856167.1
Polystoma marmorati Hyperolius marmoratus South Africa Urinary bladder KR856088.1 AM051073.1 AM157208.1 AM913858.1
Polystoma naevius Smilisca baudinii Costa Rica Urinary bladder KR856089.1 AM157187.1 AM157209.1 AM913864.1
Polystoma nearcticum Hyla versicolor USA Urinary bladder KR856090.1 AM051074.1 AM157210.1 AM913865.1
Polystoma occipitalis * Hemisus marmoratus Ivory Coast Urinary bladder AM051075.1 FM897264.1
Polystoma pelobatis Pelobates cultripes France Urinary bladder KR856091.1 AM051076.1 KR856144.1 KR856168.1
Polystoma testimagna Strongylopus fasciatus South Africa Urinary bladder KR856092.1 AM157194.1 AM157217.1 AM913860.1
Polystoma umthakathi * Natalobatrachus bonebergi South Africa Urinary bladder AM913874.1 AM913861.1
Polystomoidella whartoni * Kinosternon bauri USA Urinary bladder MW029417.1 MW029405.1 MW029411.1 MW029423.1
Polystomoides asiaticus Cuora amboinensis Malaysia Pharyngeal cavity KR856113.1 FM992697.1 FM992703.1 Z83009.1
Polystomoides australiensis * Emydura krefftii Australia Urinary bladder Z83012.1 Z83013.1
Polystomoides cayensis * (Neopolystoma cayensis **) Rhinoclemmys punctularia French Guiana Urinary bladder KY200991.1 KY200986.1 KY200988.1 KY200994.1
Polystomoides euzeti (Neopolystoma euzeti **) Mauremys leprosa Algeria Urinary bladder KR856101.1 KR856127.1 KR856146.1 KM258887.1
Polystomoides orbiculare (Neopolystoma orbiculare **) Chrysemys picta marginata USA Urinary bladder KR856103.1 KR856129.1 KR856148.1 FR822531.1
Polystomoides oris Chrysemys picta marginata USA Pharyngeal cavity KR856115.1 FM992698.1 FM992705.1 FR822533.1
Polystomoides soredensis (Polystomoides sp. [T.s.s.] **) Trachemys scripta scripta USA Pharyngeal cavity KR856111.1 KR856135.1 KR856154.1 FR828360.1
Polystomoides tunisiensis Mauremys leprosa Algeria Pharyngeal cavity KR856116.1 KR856136.1 KR856155.1 FR822570.1
Polystomoides sp. [A.s.] (Neopolystoma sp. [A.s.] **) Apalone spinifera USA Pharyngeal cavity KR856106.1 KR856130.1 KR856149.1 FR822527.1
Polystomoides sp. [K.l.] (Neopolystoma sp. [K.l.] **) Kinosternon leucostomum Costa Rica Conjunctival sacs KR856109.1 KR856133.1 KR856152.1 KR856175.1
Protopolystoma occidentalis Xenopus muelleri Togo Urinary bladder KR856121.1 AM051077.1 KR856160.1 KR856179.1
Protopolystoma xenopodis Xenopus laevis South Africa Urinary bladder KR856096.1 AM051078.1 AM157218.1 EF380004.1
Pseudodiplorchis americanus Scaphiopus couchii USA Urinary bladder KR856097.1 AM051079.1 AM157219.1 KR856173.1
Pseudopolystoma dendriticum Onychodactylus japonicus Japan Urinary bladder KR856122.1 FM992700.1 FM992707.1 KR856180.1
Sphyranura oligorchis Necturus maculosus USA Gills and skin KR856098.1 FM992701.1 FM992708.1 KR856174.1
Sundapolystoma chalconotae Hylarana chalconota Malaysia Urinary bladder AM051080.1 KR856161.1
Uropolystomoides bourgati * (Polystomoides bourgati **) Pelusios castaneus Togo Urinary bladder AJ297781.1 AF382068.1 FR822602.1
Uropolystomoides malayi (Polystomoides malayi **) Cuora amboinensis Malaysia Urinary bladder KR856112.1 AJ228792.1 FM992704.1 Z83011.1
Uropolystomoides siebenrockiellae (Polystomoides siebenrockiella **) Siebenrockiella crassicollis Malaysia Urinary bladder KR856114.1 FM992699.1 FM992706.1 FR822604.1
Uropolystomoides sp. [P.c.] (Polystomoides sp. [P.d.] **) Pelusios castaneus Nigeria Urinary bladder KR856119.1 KR856139.1 KR856158.1 KR856177.1
Uropolystomoides sp. [P.s.] (Polystomoides sp. [P.s.] **) Pelomedusa subrufa Nigeria Urinary bladder KR856118.1 KR856138.1 KR856157.1 KR856176.1
Uteropolystomoides multifalx (Polystomoides sp. [P.n.] **) Pseudemys nelsoni USA Pharyngeal cavity KR856117.1 KR856137.1 KR856156.1 FR822603.1
Wetapolystoma almae Rhinella margaritifera French Guiana Urinary bladder KR856099.1 AM051081.1 AM157220.1 AM913867.1
Pseudaxine trachuri Trachurus trachurus France Gills AM157196.1 AM157222.1 MT666081.1
Neoheterobothrium hirame Paralichthys olivaceus Japan Buccal cavity MN984338.1 AB162424.1 LC658937.1 MN984338.1
Microcotyle sp. Sebastes sp. _ Gills DQ412044.1 AJ287540.1 AF382051.1 DQ412044.1
New specimens
Sphyranura euryceae (SPY1) * Eurycea tynerensis USA Gills and skin OP920607 OP879228 OP879230 OP920607
Sphyranura euryceae (SPY2) * OP920606 OP879229 OP879231 OP920606
Sphyranura euryceae (SPY3) * OP879225 OP879232
Sphyranura euryceae (B2_07) * OP879226 OP879233

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